EDOM Solutions, is a management consulting firm, that gives business owners and executives the tools necessary to increase performance and improve the bottom line.

As a business operations consultant, EDOM Solutions works to improve processes and procedures and to educate its clients on how to adjust and adapt to the business environment. The company will assist its clients in developing custom objectives that will achieve short term and long-term goals, ultimately maximizing profits. We offer operations management and IT implementation services that will increase efficiency and streamline processes. We also offer leadership coaching programs.

EDOM Solutions is one of the top consulting firms in South Florida, empowering small businesses to top 500 companies by strategizing and implementing processes that will increase profitability and accelerate growth. The business environment is constantly changing; our solutions company is about assisting organizations large or small in facilitating that change to ultimately get results.



EDOM Solutions is a consulting firm that focuses on solving the root problems within an organization.

Whether your organization has been doing business the same way for a long time or the organization needs a critical eye, EDOM Solutions has the experience and technology to address the issue, or strategize a solution that will promote change, growth, sustainability, and results. Business is about getting results; so EDOM Solutions focuses on getting results for your business.

Whether you have a coaching issue, a logistical issue, or a management issue, our company will find a solution that is right for your business. EDOM Solutions focuses on quality and not quantity, so we take the time to analyze your business and tailor a solution that puts your organization in a position to be successful. As leading business advisors in Miami, we have the skills and ability to customize solutions for every client


Successful companies are extending their operations internationally and globally. EDOM Solutions wants to empower your organization with the tools necessary to dominate on an international and global level. Gone are the days when doing business within the states are enough to run a successful business. Sometimes it’s not about solving a problem or an issue, it’s about maneuvering the business environment and increasing profitability. The experienced business consultants at EDOM Solutions know how to grow a business, and will work as a team to get results for your organization. EDOM Solutions will provide a business consultant that can sit down with you or your team to hear your future goals and then strategize with you to reach those future goals.


A business consultant from EDOM Solutions will have various resources available to assist you in strategizing to reach your company’s aspirations. If you want to grow your organization and be relevant and competitive, you must extend your product or services internationally and globally.


Allow the experts from EDOM Solutions to give you the tools and resources necessary to assist your company in transitioning from a small company to an international company, or from an international company to a global company. Allow EDOM Solutions to get results for you!


EDOM Solutions is a consulting firm that focuses on solving the root problems within an organization.


EDOM Solutions is a consulting firm that focuses on solving the root problems within an organization.

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