EDOM Solutions focuses on delivering business consulting services that break down current and future barriers that can prevent your organization from growing and achieving its full potential. One of the ways EDOM Solutions achieves this is by evaluating the overall business and then pinpointing the root issue the business is having.

Leadership Development Coach

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As leading business consultants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we focus on solving the root problems within an organization.

Consulting firms will often address a secondary issue, but not the root of the problem. EDOM Solutions knows how consulting firms can focus too much on theory and not enough on results. That’s why we focus on using technology and a team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals to assess the business and then provide strategic solutions that get results.

We will create a business strategy that will enable your organization to maximize profits and increase efficiency. One of the ways EDOM Solutions gets results is through building strong processes and a successful culture. Our consultants will analyze customers, technology, management, and data analytics, along with the business environment to get results for your organization.

CEO and Top Leadership Development Coach:



David Ebanks is the CEO of EDOM Solutions. He has 15+ years of experience in Corporate America working with Top 500 companies. He has worked with companies such as Foot Locker, H&R Block, and UPS. David has worked in the areas of operations management, marketing, sales, I.E. management, and logistics management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management, and a master’s degree in business with a focus on Entrepreneurship. As a leadership development coach, he has experience using traditional and modern management methods, as well as technology, to seamlessly get results for small and large businesses.

David has a passion for helping people get great results. He has been a part of and has led high performing teams, while working with small businesses and large companies. He has experience managing groups that range in size from 14 employees to about 200 employees. The goal of this management consulting firm is to use management best practices and technology, to pinpoint and solve the root problem within the business or organization.


EDOM Gets Results for Your Organization.

Successful companies are extending their operations internationally and globally. EDOM Solutions wants to empower your organization with the tools necessary to dominate on an international and global level. Gone are the days when doing business within the states are enough to run a successful business. Sometimes it’s not about solving a problem or an issue, it’s about maneuvering the business environment and increasing profitability.

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